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Lessig schools Colbert on remixing


Lawrence Lessig recently appeared on The Colbert Report to explain the ideas in his new book, Remix.

Update: Ha!  Viacom took down the YouTube link.

I should have linked directly to Comedy Central, I guess.

2 responses to “Lessig schools Colbert on remixing”

  1. Barack Ubuntu says:

    Wow. Colbert sums up the problem issue with what he said “the system is working for me so I don’t care”. Maybe if could see past the end of his nose (or wallet) he might learn something.

  2. diggersstory says:

    Gotta love Colbert he is the best playing the devil’s advocate. Even Bush didn’t realize he was being roasted by the Steve Master. We learn best when we can laugh and think it out for ourselves. No fun having it all spelled out… it’s the delayed reactions that kick our perspectives to a new way of thinking.

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