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Truth Happens on Facebook

Truth Happens has a Facebook page, and a Facebook group.

A Shared Culture

A Creative Commons video directed by Jesse Dylan.

more about "A Shared Culture ", posted with vodpod

Go Ogg, go!

Mozilla contributes $100,000 to fund Ogg development – Ars Technica

Mozilla has given the Wikimedia Foundation a $100,000 grant intended to fund development of the Ogg container format and the Theora and Vorbis media codecs. These open media codecs are thought to be unencumbered by software patents, which means that they can be freely implemented and used without having to pay royalties or licensing fees to patent holders. This differentiates Ogg Theora from many other formats that are widely used today.

via Mozilla contributes $100,000 to fund Ogg development – Ars Technica.

Birth of a meme

The idea that Barack Obama is the first “open source president” seems to be spreading. It’s based on the way he ran his campaign, the transition site, and the participation sought by

This is the latest mainstream paper to take up the notion, a column by Errol Louis in the New York Daily News.

Barack Obama isn’t just America’s first black President. He’s also our first “open-source” President, a leader willing to let anybody and everybody figure out how, when and where they want to get involved.

This goes way beyond urging citizens to volunteer in their communities, as Obama did the day before the inauguration. Our new President, the Community-Organizer-in-Chief, is radically redefining political participation so that followers can do as much or as little as they choose.

The “open-source” strategy was popularized by computer software companies. Instead of creating and selling a copyrighted program that costs millions to dream up, some firms simply give away the basic program and invite anybody to improve on it.

The result is programs that improve by leaps and bounds. And Obama has applied the idea to politics.

via President Barack Obama and his fans may have changed politics forever.

Lessig schools Colbert on remixing

Lawrence Lessig recently appeared on The Colbert Report to explain the ideas in his new book, Remix.

Update: Ha!  Viacom took down the YouTube link.

I should have linked directly to Comedy Central, I guess.

Twitter building on open source

At Twitter, two open source projects, Kestrel and Cache-Money keep things growing.

In some cases, our requirements—in particular, the scalability requirements of our service—lead us to develop projects from the ground up. We develop these projects with an eye toward open source, and are pleased to contribute our projects back to the open source community when there is a clear benefit. Below are two such projects, Kestrel and Cache-Money. Every tweet touches one or both of these key components of the Twitter architecture.

via Twitter Blog: Building on Open Source.

WirelessU! The signal starts with you.

This is pretty cool. is:

* An open access repository of educational materials: All available for any person to download.

* A tool for educators: Distribute your training materials to your students—just upload & share the link. All of your revisions and translations are tracked, making it easy to find, share, and collaborate.

* A community—WirelessU connects people. Whether you are interested in learning about wireless technology, teaching a wireless training session, or holding a training event at a local venue, WirelessU will help you connect to the people who make all of this possible.

We are a group of dedicated professionals working towards a world-wide, people-centered, inclusive Information Society. Our goal is to make it easier for existing groups to offer wireless training. Please browse, download, comment and contribute. Each unit has been composed and presented by experts in teaching wireless networking.

Why Wireless (Wi-Fi)?

Advances in wireless technology make it very attractive for extending the Internet—either across the street or to the next town. Wi-Fi is fast, can go long distances, and is very affordable. Best of all, anyone can learn to use wireless to extend existing internet into areas without. The signal starts with you!

via Welcome to WirelessU! |

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